Difference Between Hybrid/Native/Web Mobile Application
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3 Types Of Mobile Apps:

Web Apps / Mobile Websites:

  • Built using HTML / CSS / Javascript
  • Runs inside a browser( Safari,Chrome,etc.)
  • Built like a regular website or web app
  • Designed to look good on mobile devices

Web App Advantages:

  • Easy to build (HTML/Css/Js)
  • Easy to maintain
  • Use any technology/language
  • Cheaper than native and hybrid apps
  • Single app for all platforms

Web App Disadvantages:

  • Need to run in a browser
  • Slower than native apps
  • Less interactive and less intuitive
  • No icon desktop
  • Cannot  be submitted to app stores
  • Cannot interact with device utilities

Native Mobile Apps

  • Most common type of mobile app
  • Built for specific platforms
  • Built using programming languages

Native App Advantages:

  • Very fast
  • Built to run on specific platform
  • Distributed in app stores
  • Interactive & Intuitive
  • Interact with device utilities

Native App Disadvantages:

  • Single platform
  • Harder languages
  • Very expensive
  • Hard to maintain

Hybrid Mobile Apps:

  • Combination of native & web apps
  • Use HTML / CSS / Javascript
  • Ran inside of a container / webview

Hybrid App Advantages:

  • Easy to build-HTML / CSS / Javascript
  • Much cheaper than a native app
  • Single app for all platforms
  • No browser needed
  • Can usually access device utilities using an API
  • Faster to develop than native apps

Hybrid App Disadvantages:

  • Slower than native apps
  • More expensive than web apps
  • Less interactive than native apps

4th Type : React Native / Xamarin:-

  • Essentially a native app built using Javascript
  • Compiles into actual native components
  • UI is rendered using actual native views
  • Not as many plugins to interact  with devices